easily bruised, easily amused (swirliesgirl) wrote in snbniagara,
easily bruised, easily amused

wool and ipod cozy

hey gals!

where do you buy good wool around here? i've only been to wal-mart and lewis craft and i hate most of their wool. it's like fake wool, ya know? maybe 40% wool and 60% some other cheap material. i wanna see about that wool shop across the street from the beer store on thorold. have any of you been there? any good?

also, i'm gonna try to make an ipod cozy this week. it's for my friend andy. but i don't own an ipod, so i have no way to measure it. karissa - i know you have an ipod shuffle, but does kevin have an ipod? wonder if i could get the measurements of an ipod on their website and go from there?

oh and check out this article. it's pretty interesting: http://www.thetyee.ca/Life/2004/05/24/Knitting_is_Hot/

anyways, can't wait to knit wednesday! YAY!
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