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Wanna Knit?

Hey Ladies,

It's been a while and I was just wondering if you would like to get together for knitting one night soon?! I'd love to see what everyone is working on, although in the heat of today it's hard to imagine actually wearing anything knitted.

Anyway, let's make it a date! As of yesterday, I'm officially done my contract for this term so where and when ever is good for me. You're welcome to come out to our place, although it's a little warm (we haven't put in our air conditioner yet) but if Strega is good or Montebello all means!

Hope you're all doing well and I can't wait to knit it up!

P.S. Katie --- I have had your belated Birthday present all packed and ready for you for so long it's now a fixture!
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yay!! i was going to post this week too and see if anyone would still be up for a knitting night. montebello park sounds like it would be fun. hopefully the weather will stay just as nice as it's been this week.

i tried making the arm warmers from stitch 'n bitch this week, but WOOH!! i'm totally lost with the pattern. maybe you could help me out on this one? it's the, i think i'm going to move to mittens for the time being.

okay, so i don't know what night would be good. really, i could fit it in any evening. maybe monday night?
i would love to, but my new work schedule kicks in, 12-10:30.... but perhaps i could just meet downtown somewhere? let me know and if i'm not exhausted to the maxx i'm in.
Monday works alright for me!

I can try to help you out with the arm warmer. I'll take a look at the pattern and see if I get it! Is the pattern from S N'B or S N'B Nation?